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KOPS KIDS - Chesnee, South Carolina

The KOPS KIDS Program is to benefit Chesnee children via

The Chesnee Police Dept KOPS KIDS Program.

Sponsored by the City of Chesnee, Businesses, and YOU! Our Wonderful Community! KOPS KIDS would not be possible without you!

Donations are accepted throughout the year at Chesnee City Hall

New Clothing - New Toys in Package - Books/School Supplies - Canned Goods/Non-Perishable

Items - Personal Hygiene Products

The Goal of Chesnee KOPS KIDS Program is to help Chesnee Families with Basic and Special Needs Throughout the Year.

KOPS KIDS has had the Honor of Helping 100+ Families.

If you have any questions about KOPS KIDS please contact City Hall 864-461-2225

The Chesnee Police Department started KOPS KIDS to help children in the Chesnee area.

It is the goal of KOPS KIDS to help the children in our community throughout the year.

We would like to thank our sponsors for their generous donations each year. Without your help and support KOPS KIDS would not be possible.